According to the source, Facebook is working hard on its first smartwatch. The device will be equipped with a display with two built-in cameras – front and rear. The camera on the front panel will be used primarily for video calls, but the main camera behind the screen, with autofocus and support for Full HD video recording, will be used to take pictures, which the user can then post to Facebook or Instagram. For the convenience of shooting with the main camera, the display will be made removable: it will be possible to take it out of the case (made of stainless steel), take a photo with the rear camera, and then return everything back – insert the display back into the case.

Next year, Facebook will release an unusual smartwatch that has invested a billion dollars in its development.  They will receive two cameras

Facebook is already working with third-party companies to create accessories to attach such a watch to. For example, backpacks. This was reported on condition of anonymity by two people, who were privy to the project. The idea of ​​the developers is to encourage users of watches to use them in the same way as smartphones are now used. This is how Facebook is going to compete with the dominant mobile platforms Google and Apple.

The Facebook smartwatch will also be positioned as a fitness device, so it will include a heart rate monitor and other category-specific features. We are also talking about the built-in LTE modem, which is logical: if the company positions its watch as a real alternative to a smartphone, then it cannot do without autonomous work. And it is possible only with a built-in modem.

The watch will come out in white, black and gold. Facebook is counting on six-figure sales. The company plans to use the next versions of the watch as the main control device for its augmented reality glasses. Interestingly, the company is already working on the second and third generation of watches, although the first should be released only next summer. The estimated cost of the product is $ 400, but there is still a whole year before the premiere, so the price can change a lot. So far, Facebook has invested a billion dollars in the development of smartwatches.

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