The new iPad Pros on the M1 set some pretty tough limits on RAM usage. The app cannot use more than 5 GB. And this even applies to the 16 GB version. Writes about it MacRumors

That is, even the most powerful iPad Pro allows you to use only 0.5 GB more than previous iPad Pros. This limitation exists in iPadOS. And in this case, there are questions for the professionalism of the iPad Pro.

The Procreate developers started talking about the limitation:

They were asked if it would be possible to work with more layers on the iPad Pro with the M1. To this, the developers replied that all versions of the iPads on the M1 have the same amount of RAM.

It turns out that the talk about the iPad getting hardware, which the software cannot keep up with, has become even more real. However, more RAM will help keep more open applications in the background. Still, I would like to get a power boost by buying the most expensive tablets.

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