Google recently released the first build of Android 12 Developer Preview. Some of the innovations were known before the release of the system – the XDA-Developers edition published screenshots with the new Android 12 interface:

Only after installing the system, Pixel owners did not notice the new interface – yes, you can install the beta only on Pixel devices. But this is Android, and it’s not that simple! Enthusiasts found the new interface after digging through the system’s code and activating several options.

For example, here is the old and new curtain with notifications:

Lock screen:

What will happen in the final assembly is a mystery. Whether it will be possible to switch between designs is also a question.

The new interface is probably being finalized and honed to perfection, so it is not available in the first build. The release of the final version of Android 12 is scheduled for late summer this year.

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