The Yandex team announced the launch of “universal enriched answers” in the search service. As the developers note, as a result, users can choose services from different companies in a new rich response format.

Yandex put the squeeze: new enriched answers in search promote not only Yandex services
New Universal Enriched Answers

Their versatility is that they allow you to see information from different sites in one block and go to any of them in one click.

Earlier, there was a dispute between Yandex and the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia) regarding sorcerers “, which are also called enriched answers – search results elements that answer a user’s question right on the search results page: for example, a weather forecast, pictures, translation of a word, train schedule and much more.

Yandex put the squeeze: new enriched answers in search promote not only Yandex services
Enriched answers earlier

Back in April 2021, the FAS filed a case against Yandex. According to anti-monopoly officials, Yandex did not heed the warnings and continues to create “discriminatory conditions in the online search market.” In June, Yandex filed a lawsuit against the Federal Antimonopoly Service to “declare decisions and actions illegal” in the case of enriched responses in search results.

When launching a new format for enriched responses, the Yandex press service places particular emphasis on the versatility and support of services from different companies. In fact, the emphasis is on avoiding “discriminatory terms” in search results. The company explains:

Universal enriched answers show information from multiple sources at once. For example, for the query “air tickets to Sochi” Yandex will show flights of different airlines – with a price and a schedule. A person will be able to quickly solve his problem, and companies offering a product or service will be able to attract customers. “

Any company can connect the service to Yandex’s new enriched responses, and it’s free. When connecting, certain requirements must be met. As Yandex notes, at the moment more than 600 cinemas are already shown in the enriched movie posters response, and more than 53 thousand sites are connected to the hotel response.

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