According to the source, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has chosen two missions to explore Venus. Previously, DAVINCI and VERITAS were among the four projects of the NASA Discovery Program, which offered relatively inexpensive planetary exploration missions – with a budget of about $ 500 million each. As a result, it was DAVINCI and VERITAS that were chosen.

NASA will send two missions to Venus - for the first time in 30 years

“These two missions are aimed at understanding how Venus turned into a hellish world capable of melting lead on the surface.”– said program manager Bill Nelson. And he added: “They will offer the entire scientific community the opportunity to explore a planet we haven’t been on in over 30 years.”

DAVINCI is slated to launch in 2029. The spacecraft will fly past Venus twice, take close-ups of the planet’s surface, and then drop a robotic probe into its atmosphere. The primary goal of DAVINCI is to confirm the possible presence of phosphine gas in the atmosphere, which is produced mainly by living organisms.

The second mission, VERITAS, is a probe that will launch around 2028, shortly before DAVINCI. Its task is to draw up a three-dimensional geographical map of the planet, as well as confirm the activity of processes such as plate tectonics and volcanism. A special radar will be used for this, and a camera installed on VERITAS will be used to detect signs of water vapor in the atmosphere.

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