The American Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA had to suspend its contract with SpaceX.

NASA stops contract with SpaceX to send astronauts to Lusha

Under a $ 2.9 billion contract, SpaceX was supposed to design and build a lunar lander as part of the Artemis program. As reported in a statement by management spokesman Monica Witt regarding cooperation between NASA and SpaceX, competitors – the American private aerospace company Blue Origin, created in 2000 by Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos, and Dynetics, which works mainly for the US Department of Defense, Intelligence the US community and the same NASA.

Recall that NASA chose Elon Musk’s company and announced its choice two weeks ago – on April 16, 2021. Blue Origin and Dynetics have protested the decision of NASA in the US Audit Office (GAO), which deals, among other things, with such disputes.

Monica Witt noted:

In connection with the protests filed with the GAO, NASA informed SpaceX that the implementation of the contract for [разработке] the lander has been suspended until the GAO resolves any remaining litigation related to this purchase. ”

Thus, until the US Audit Office resolves all disputes over the contract, SpaceX will not be able to get money from NASA to develop the module.

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