SberBank announced the launch of a new feature in the corporate streaming music service SberSvuk. As the press service notes, SberSvuk was the first among Russian audio services to offer users high-quality HiFi music.

SberSvuk launches HiFi in Russia: music without compression, quality loss and additional fees

This function is not yet available for Apple Music and Spotify, popular in Russia, and Tidal, Amazon Music HD and Deezer are not in great demand among Russian users.

Last week, SberSvuk users on Android began to notice HiFi marks near some tracks and in the player. Now the official launch has taken place.

More than 35 million tracks in Lossless format have become available to subscribers of the audio service – without compression and loss of quality. The new function is available as part of the standard SberSvuka subscription and does not require additional payment. By default, SberSvuk provides music playback in MP3 format, and HiFi tracks use the FLAC codec.

Users of Android and iOS mobile devices can take advantage of the innovation, activation occurs if you select a track marked HiFi and switch to this mode. Both connected and offline playback are supported.

Expansion of the HiFi media library is planned in the future. However, the developers are hinting that a separate HiFi subscription could be launched in 2022.

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