This week, China hosted a forum of entrepreneurs called “The Minds of Chinese Business.” During the event, Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD, answered a journalist’s question if the company was going to release its own smartphones.

He responded evasively, stating that BYD manufactures most of Huawei’s mobile phones. At the same time, the journalist had a Huawei smartphone in his hands. Wang Chuanfu pointed to it and confirmed that this smartphone is also produced at BYD facilities. During the interview, he also added that in addition to contract assembly, BYD also produces 90% of the metal cases for Huawei smartphones.

Most Huawei smartphones are from BYD

BYD not only has a well-known car and battery business, but also semiconductor chips and electronic equipment. The source takes last year’s flagship Huawei Mate 40 as an example. The chassis and back cover of the Mate40, Mate40 Pro, Mate40 Pro + and Mate40 RS Porsche come from BYD Electronics.

For the Mate40 RS Porsche Design Edition, BYD has used new technologies and manufacturing processes to make these smartphones more waterproof than previous models.

Recall that the most famous contract manufacturer that produces smartphones for Apple and other companies is Foxconn.

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