According to Bloomberg, four women who worked at Google have won another small victory in a lengthy lawsuit over pay inequality between men and women. The latest court ruling means that the lawsuit can now be applied to 10,800 women who have held various positions at Google since 2013.

The women, who are seeking more than $ 600 million in damages, say Google violated California’s Equal Pay Act by paying them less than their male counterparts. In addition, they received promotions much less frequently than men. According to a previously filed lawsuit, women earn nearly $ 16,800 a year on Google less than men in a similar position.

More than 10,000 female employees demand $ 600 million from Google because of gender pay inequality

In February, the company reached an agreement with the Department of Labor regarding systemic compensation and discrimination in recruiting for offices in California and Washington. Google has agreed to pay more than $ 2.5 million to more than 5,500 current employees and job candidates facing pay inequality.

Google has denied the underlying allegations in the lawsuit.

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