More Than $ 1.5 Million Raised In Just A Few Days For The Release Of Improved ZX Spectrum Next Computers

Last time we managed to raise nearly 1 million dollars

A few days ago, fundraising for the release of the ZX Spectrum Next Plus computer began on the Kickstarter site. It was organized by the same group that had already raised money for the release of the ZX Spectrum Next in 2017. But if at that time it was possible to collect about $ 1 million in a month, then at the time of this writing, the amount exceeded $ 1.5 million, and there are still 24 days until the end of the campaign. Note that all the participants in the first project have already received their computers, although the last of them are quite recent.

More than $ 1.5 million raised in just a few days for the release of improved ZX Spectrum Next computers

Compared to the original system, certain improvements have been made, but, as before, at the software and hardware level, the computer is fully compatible with the original ZX Spectrum model. Recall that the design of the ZX Spectrum Next was attended by Rick Dickinson, who at one time participated in the creation of the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum models. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2018.

The computer configuration includes the Z80 processor, but now it can be turned on not only at 3.5 or 7 MHz but also at 14 and 28 MHz. RAM increased from 512KB to 1MB. However, the expansion is now possible not up to 2.5 MB, but only up to 2 MB. However, it is pertinent to recall that the original model was offered in versions with 16, 48, and 128 KB of memory. The user has access to additional modes of operation of the graphics subsystem equipped with RGB, VGA, and HDMI outputs, hardware sprites, DMA, and other features that were absent in the ZX Spectrum. The computer is equipped with three AY-3-8912 sound generators, an SD slot, a PS / 2 port, and other interfaces.

The minimum contribution to qualify for the ZX Spectrum Next Plus was £ 280, but these lots have already ended. Now you have to deposit 300 pounds or more. The shipment of computers is due to begin in August 2021.

It remains to add that the original ZX Spectrum is 38 years old this year.

Source: Kickstarter

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