Google marketers attempted to create a “viral” video, making another ad video very strange.

More hell, Google.  In a new video, Google shows how to switch from bananas to its smartphones, and is interrupted for a karate lesson.

The new video demonstrates the prosaic Google Data Transfer Tool for transferring data from one smartphone to a branded Pixel. But at 30 seconds, a banana appears in the frame, which symbolizes an old smartphone, from which the user transfers information to the new Pixel 5.

On this “PR specialists” Google did not stop, and at 47 seconds the process of switching to the new Pixel 5 is interrupted for a real karate lesson.

To top it off, the off-screen narrator advises against using “1234” as a code to unlock your smartphone.

You can easily see a hint of “apple” smartphones in the banana, but this theory is contradicted by the use of a cable with two USB Type-C connectors, which are not suitable for the iPhone.

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