Mophie introduced the 3-in-1 charger with MagSafe storage. The stand costs $ 90, and for MagSafe on the Apple website you will have to pay more 39 bucks (3900 rubles in Russia).

The stand is made of white plastic. The MagSafe charger is hidden inside, and the included power adapter is connected to the stand itself.

Charging is also provided for Apple Watch and AirPods. Any headphones that support the Qi standard can be charged, but the notch is ideal for AirPods.

If you already have a MagSafe charger and want something more, this is a great option. If you buy a new charger and have never used MagSafe, then it makes sense to look at something combined. Charging Belkin is the best choice, but in my opinion it costs a little more.

The good thing about the stand is that the smartphone can be used both horizontally and vertically. It is very convenient for viewing content or video calls.

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