Blogger and modder Lance McDonald, in the comments below with my October video, announced a delay in the public release of an unofficial patch that adds 60fps support to Bloodborne.

Earlier, we will remind the modder to put the amateur patch in the public domain if Sony Interactive Entertainment and/or From Software do not improve the game’s technical component when working on the PlayStation 5.

So, in the end, it happened: on the console of the new generation, Bloodborne loads much faster than the previous one, but otherwise, it functions the same as it did on the PlayStation 4.

McDonald did not abandon his promise but warned that with the current pace of work, the preparation of an unofficial update for a public release would drag on until February 2021.




In his microblog, the modder also mentioned that the postponement of the patch’s release is not connected with the information that suddenly fell on McDonald about the development of the Bloodborne remaster or threats from Sony.

“If the patch is delayed, it does not mean that I secretly learned about the re-release of Bloodborne or received a threat from Sony, so do not be happy before the time.”– advised MacDonald.

Bloodborne was released in March 2015 exclusively on PS4. How exactly it turned out to achieve 60 frames / s in the game, McDonald previously talked about in an interview with Digital Foundry and his own microblog.

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