What to do if mobile data connection disappeared

If you want to use mobile internet, then you need to enable data transfer on your phone. This can be done, depending on the model, using hot functions in the curtain or through the system settings. Therefore, before you start to panic that the Internet is not working, check if mobile data is turned on.

Next, you can check if the mobile data connection is activated in the system settings.

Android: by clicking on the gear icon, open Settings. In the section “Mobile network” (“Connections”) – “Mobile data transfer” (“Data usage”), you can configure the Internet and allow roaming for each SIM (if necessary).

iOS: In the section “Settings” – “Cellular” – “Cellular Data” you will find a switch that activates mobile data.


Often a simple reboot will help resolve a network problem. Turn your device off and on again, and then check if the internet is working.

Other tips and tricks

If the mobile network is turned on and you still cannot access the Internet, download or stream anything, it may be caused by the following problems.

Weak signal: if the phone barely picks up the network, you will recognize this by the icon next to the signal level icon (three vertical stripes). The network designations (4G, 3G, and so on) are usually located there. They may also have an E, H, or G next to them. These are labels for the respective networks that differ in speed. Change your location if the mobile network is unavailable.

Data volume consumed: even if you have an unlimited data plan, the amount of data will still be limited. You may have already spent your gigabytes of high-speed internet this month. In this case, the operator usually sends a notification via SMS and offers to extend access to the network by purchasing a couple of additional gigs.

In the settings, you can check the current traffic consumption on Android and iOS, as well as set up restrictions on the use of mobile data in order to stay within the tariff and not buy additional Internet.

The balance is empty: mobile internet is far from free. If you are using a prepaid card, your balance can run out at any minute. So check your account first.

Technical problems with a mobile operator: sometimes the mobile operator may experience malfunctions. Therefore, just try to connect again later: as a rule, providers try to quickly fix network problems.

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