NVIDIA released new 30-series video cards in May, in which the Ethereum mining limiter is built in at the hardware level. However, now it turned out that difficulties will arise for those miners who are engaged in the production of alternative cryptocurrencies. This is reported by the author of the I_Leak_VN Twitter account:

According to the information published in the account, the RTX 3080 Ti limits the hash rates of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Ergo by almost half. At the same time, drivers written for mining on the RTX 3060 cause a “blue screen of death”.

Due to the hardware limitations of video cards, the special operating system Hive OS does not help either. However, there are still opportunities for mining. For example, it is still possible to mine Ravencoin and Conflux.

Earlier in February, NVIDIA released 3060 with software mining limitation:

After a fairly short time, the restrictions were bypassed. The current line of video cards shows itself from the best side, but the question arises: why the hash rate is only halved?

Such a decision may also not greatly affect the deficit, since it consists of two factors:

  • Demand for video cards from miners;
  • The crisis in the semiconductor market, into which the world is already beginning to enter.

The last factor arose due to the pandemic, when many industries stood up for a very long time. The manifold increased interest in cryptocurrencies, caused by a significant rise in prices for almost all “coins”, only added fuel to the fire. Thus, it is not very clear when video card manufacturers will be able to meet a significant part of the existing demand.

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