The Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone turned out to be an outright failure. At the start, it was very expensive with many drawbacks, and the main advantage in the form of a form factor, the majority in such an implementation, apparently, were not interested.

Microsoft wants to try again.  Surface Duo 2 smartphone will be released in the fall

One would think that after such an outcome, Microsoft will again forget about the smartphone market, but no. The source claims that Surface Duo 2 will be released in the second half of this year. Moreover, the name clearly indicates that it will again be a smartphone-book.

The novelty is expected in September or October, and this time it will be a full-fledged flagship. At least the platform will be top-end. It will probably be Snapdragon 888.

Also, the novelty will receive an NFC module and a good main camera. True, because of this, a protrusion will appear on the case. The screens will get bigger, but the bezels, on the other hand, will get thinner.

Given the preservation of the form factor, the question of price and positioning remains. Still, experiments in this market, as the experience of many similar projects shows, often end in failure.

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