In honor of the coming Christmas season, the American giant Microsoft has presented a new collection of non-core goods – knitted sweaters! There are three options available – with the Windows XP, Windows 95, and Paint logos.

The price for sweaters is the same – $ 69 and 99 cents. When converted into domestic currency at the current exchange rate, it turns out a little less than 5300 rubles. However, not cheap! It is better to ask your grandmother for such a sweater as a gift for the New Year! But Microsoft at least promises to donate $ 20 for each sweater purchased from December 1 to December 23 to the account of the Girls Who Code charity, which promotes the programming profession among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Interestingly, the sweater with Windows XP is only available in SM and M, with Windows 95 in five sizes from SM to 2XL, and with MS Paint in six to 3XL. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not reveal what materials the sweaters are made of. And what if prickly synthetics? Meanwhile, ASUS has unveiled the flagship Turbo GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card.

Source: Microsoft

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