In its advertising, Intel ridiculed Apple with its “lagging” laptops in all respects, and now Microsoft has joined them with the age-old theme “iPad is not a computer.”

Of course, Microsoft couldn’t miss the fact that the Surface Pro 7 has a kickstand, a comfortable and lightweight magnetic keyboard, and additional connectors for peripherals and cards.

And, of course, the ads mentioned a full-fledged Windows in the Surface tablet, as well as a limited iPadOS.

And the last nail in Apple’s coffin is the price. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard will set you back $ 1,348 in the US, while the Surface Pro 7, with the advertised keyboard, will retail for $ 880.

Here’s the deal: Microsoft’s new ad is true. Everything that is said in the video is really controversial features of the iPad. And I’m afraid I have to disagree with Apple’s positioning of the iPad as a laptop replacement. An alternative with its own chips and shortcomings – yes, but certainly not a replacement. I tried to work on iPad, but for all my tasks, it is definitely not enough.

Another question is that Surface is a long way from the “correct” tablet. This is Frankenstein, which lacks the capacity for serious tasks. Unfortunately, there is no single device on the market that will combine both a tablet and a computer.

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