Microsoft has warned its Russian customers about the upcoming price change.

Microsoft has warned of price increases in Russia to European levels

We are talking about commercial software and cloud services targeted at companies, corporations and other organizations, as opposed to personal users.

As stated by the press service of Microsoft, from October 1, 2021, prices in Russian rubles for all segments of commercial software and cloud services will approach the prices in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, where they are fixed in US dollars. As a result, prices will rise by about 15% and will correspond to the price level in US dollars.

Microsoft explained:

Despite the fact that Microsoft’s pricing is global and pegged to US dollars, since October 2018 we have been able to maintain stable prices in Russian rubles despite changes in the economic situation in the country. After several years of stability for our partners and customers, we are adjusting the price list to match the prices of software and online services for commercial customers in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, where they are fixed in US dollars. Microsoft announces changes to the ruble price list effective October 1, 2021. These changes are the result of Microsoft’s periodic assessment of the impact of local pricing on software and online services to ensure that prices are consistent across the region. ”

Separately, it is emphasized that the changes will not affect orders placed under existing agreements for volume licensing programs, which are subject to price protection.

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