Microsoft turned off its Cortana mobile app today for smartphones running Android and iOS operating systems.

Microsoft has disabled digital assistant on iPhones and Android smartphones

As a result, Microsoft discontinued Cortana on Android and iOS and stopped supporting all of its third-party features.

This step was not unexpected. Last week on devices with Cortana installed, notifications about the service termination began to appear on March 31, 2021. Microsoft announced its decision back in July 2020.

As reported on Microsoft’s support page, as of March 31, 2021, the Cortana mobile app is no longer supported on smartphones. Also, as of March 31st, all Cortana user-generated content, including Reminders and Lists, stopped working in the Cortana mobile app. However, this content is still available through Cortana on the Windows operating system.

Microsoft also notes that all Cortana reminders, lists and tasks are automatically synchronized with the Microsoft To Do application, which can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone for free.

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