Suggestions that Microsoft will soon introduce the Windows 11 operating system, abandoning major updates to Windows 10, have gained weighty confirmation.

Microsoft has announced the date of the final abandonment of Windows 10

Microsoft has updated the Lifecycle Policy page for Windows 10 Home and Pro editions with an end of support date for the operating system. Support will end at different times for different release versions. For example, the October 2020 Update – Windows 10 20H2 will be supported until May 10, 2022.

Microsoft has now indicated that it will continue to support at least one semi-annual Windows 10 update channel until October 14, 2025. For Windows 10 Home and Pro in general, without specifying the update number, a similar end of support date is indicated – October 14, 2025.

Microsoft has announced the date of the final phase of Windows 10

Microsoft is expected to unveil a major Windows design and interface update on June 24 at a special event. Numerous “clues” indicate that Microsoft will decide to emphasize the grandioseness of the update by releasing not just another variation of Windows 10, but Windows 11.

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