The team of the VKontakte social network has presented a new tool designed to help users stop using profanity when communicating.

A free set of stickers “for intelligent communication” with characters that help to express strong emotions without swear words has appeared on the social network. When a user types one of the abnormal expressions in the comments or in the messenger, the system will offer to add the set and send a “cultural” sticker instead of the mate.

The set consists of 48 images that are designed to help smooth out potential conflict situations, harsh criticism and controversy. There are two free options available – with the character Goose and masculine verbs, as well as with the Abusive cat and feminine words.

Alexey Kapitansky, the head of the VKontakte Stickers project, explained:

Most recently, there was the Day of the Russian Language – a rich, centuries-old one. And our language is indeed full of more elegant expressions and euphemisms than a banal mat. At the same time, in the form of playful stickers, we will try to reduce the amount of negativity and rude phrases – to translate all this into fun or constructive. Perhaps, thanks to the help of Gus and Branchaty, people will listen to each other more often. Or just smile. “

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