Marvell introduced the Bravera SC5 family of controllers. According to the manufacturer, these are the first SSD controllers to support PCIe 5.0 and NVMe 1.4b. The Marvell Bravera SC5 controllers are designed for high-performance storage applications in the data center. They are said to “provide unparalleled performance, best-in-class efficiency and advanced safety features.”

Marvell Bravera SC5 - First PCIe 5.0 and NVMe 1.4b SSD Controllers

Next-generation cloud data center servers use SSDs of different form factors, built on different types of NAND flash memory and varying in performance, which must meet strict requirements for physical, thermal performance and signal integrity. The new family of controllers is suitable for a variety of storage devices. In particular, they can be used in the latest EDSFF E1.S devices that support up to 16 NAND channels while delivering unmatched performance. In addition, the Bravera SC5 family complies with the NVMe Open Compute Project (OCP) SSD specifications, providing a standardized integration and testing path. For the Bravera SC5 controllers, Marvell worked closely with leading hyperscale cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure to ensure compatibility and standardization of SSDs for the data center.

The architecture of the new controllers allows for throughput up to 14 GB / s and performance up to 2 million IOPS on read operations with random access. The controllers use proprietary 5th generation NANDEdge LDPC error correction technology, which supports 3D NAND QLC, TLC, and SLC from various vendors.

Controllers are already shipping to some customers.

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