Crocs, in collaboration with the St. Petersburg group Little Big, showed a clog for punk rock fans.

The collection will go on sale on June 22. The clogs will be available in black and pink. They are decorated with a bunch of thorns, cartoon bears, chains and pins with the name of the group.

We’ve always been punk musicians and at the same time we loved rave. What we do is form new music. And this is expressed in everything: in songs, videos, our images. We are delighted to have this collaboration with Crocs as it captures the spirit of Little Big very accurately, and we hope our fans will appreciate it too.

Ilya Prusikin

Frontman of Little Big

Pink clogs will cost 6,000 rubles, black ones – 7,000 rubles. They can be found on the Crocs website or in retail stores throughout Russia.

You can watch the new video of Little Big, where the crocs also lit up:

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