From a national security standpoint, South Korea needs its own global positioning system, KPS. This is the view expressed by Kim Ji-chan, CEO of aerospace and defense company LIG Nex1.

LIG Nex1 CEO Says South Korea Needs Its Own Global Positioning System

“Without its own satellite navigation system, Korea relies heavily on the GPS system developed by the United States,” Kim said at a meeting on the national space exploration plan attended by President Moon Jae In.

“If the US system stops providing information to Korea in an emergency, Korea could panic as cell phones, navigation systems and financial transactions are halted,” warned the head of LIG Nex1. “Developing a Korean positioning system is not a matter of choice, but an important national challenge.”

LIG Nex1, a leading South Korean manufacturer of defense products, has the technological capabilities required to build the KPS.

“For KPS to be successful, Korea needs multiple satellites and ground control and monitoring centers,” Kim said. “The project will create 60,000 new jobs and an economic impact of over 7 trillion won.”

The state decided to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the project with an eye to creating its own navigation system by 2035. The source clarifies that so far there is only an early stage of discussion.

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