As it became known, LG has suspended decisions on the sale of Apple products in its own retail stores due to the large wave of indignation caused by this news.

In mid-June, it became known that LG, which had withdrawn from the smartphone market, was going to sell iPhones and other Apple products in its retail stores. The 400 LG Best Shop was expected to generate significant additional revenue for the company.

However, LG’s decision to start selling Apple devices in its physical stores was opposed by small and midsize distributors, who said that LG’s large network of stores would pose a threat to their business.

LG was banned from selling iPhone smartphones in its stores: literally everyone opposed

The Korean government is also concerned about the survival of small businesses, some of which have been closed due to the pandemic. Therefore, the authorities are not going to side with large retail chains that threaten the survival of more sellers.

The situation around Samsung, which allegedly wanted LG to sell not only iPhones, but also its smartphones, also became clear. It has now become known that LG’s plan has greatly worried Samsung, which is confident that the partnership between LG and Apple could weaken its leadership in the domestic market.

A Samsung Electronics spokesman said: “We will closely monitor the market situation.”

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