The Korean company LG presented a unique display of its kind – firstly, it is bendable, and secondly, it is “sound.” The novelty received a 48-inch die that can be bent up to 1000R. The technology of the variable refresh rate of the picture from 40 to 120 Hz is supported.

So, for example, to watch TV, a novelty can be left in its normal, flat state and activated at 40 Hz so as not to waste extra energy, and for gaming battles – bend the screen for more immersion in the process and twist hertz to the maximum to get a smooth picture even in the most dynamic scenes.

As for the “sound” component of the display, the proprietary technology Crystal Sound, OLED is used, thanks to which the sound source is not the complete speakers but the entire surface of the screen. The display response time is 0.1 ms. The resolution has not yet been disclosed, but most likely, it is 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels. Meanwhile, experts told which modern games are best played on a less powerful PC.

Source: LG

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