Company Lexus introduced an unusual version of the IS Wax Edition sedan. Its main feature is in the glove compartment: there is a turntable.

The car will be the only one of its kind to collaborate with a music publication Pitchfork… To promote the project, the companies united DJ and producer MC Madlib, as well as artist and producer KAYTRANADA. They prepared a joint single. A special video was even filmed about the custom novelty:

The main problem with turntables is that they are too demanding for vibration. Pushing makes the needle jump. This spoils the sound and the record itself.

So engineers at Los Angeles-based SCPS prepared a dedicated turntable. It is printed on a 3D printer and is capable of playing a 12-inch at speeds up to 130 km / h without these problems. If, of course, the roads will allow it.

The concept car is equipped with the Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound system. It has 17 speakers. The total system power is 1800 W.

Lexus IS Wax Edition was created in a single copy and will not be sold. The company promises to exhibit it at its own events. But now for some reason I wanted a car with a turntable. Not even a Lexus.

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