The Chinese company Lenovo presented unusual, completely wireless ThinkBook Pods Pro headphones designed to work not only with a smartphone but also with personal computers.

Included with the new product is a small transceiver with a USB interface – the same as used to connect a wireless mouse or keyboard to a PC. This solution makes ThinkBook Pods Pro convenient for conferencing. Besides, the new product has received Microsoft Skype and Teams certification, thanks to which the user can accept and reject calls during virtual planning meetings with one touch.

Each of the earbuds has a pair of microphones with which the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) system is implemented. The weight of the earbuds is 3.57 g… The only drawback of the novelty is the low level of autonomy. ThinkBook Pods Pro can only live about two hours of talk time. And yesterday, Xiaomi introduced affordable wireless headphones and a speaker.

Source: Lenovo

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