Amanita from basins, a hare from two tires, a peacock from CDs and of course a chinolean – all these masterpieces of court folk art are presented in a wonderful online museum ZhEK-art

In honor of the appearance of a new original space, the artist Artyom Bizyaev presented a thematic LEGO set. Free fantasy includes a small two-story house, stylized as a modest panel construction. The unchanging attributes add color: the old women on the bench at the entrance, the front door, pasted over with paper spam. Also striking is the TV dish and the courtyard richly decorated with folk art items, including the unchanging shinolean.

Of course, the set will not go into the series, it is just a reflection of the current reality in cubes and details. But the thing is emotional and, unfortunately, realistic.

Here are some more soulful works of the author. The Vostok-1 rocket is the world’s first spacecraft on which a man has ascended into low-earth orbit. The set also includes Yuri Gagarin:

House and characters from the funny TV series “Village of Fools”:

Fairy tale “The Little Humpbacked Horse” in all its glory, including the eerie cauldrons:

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