Artemy Lebedev Studio in cooperation with Rostec presented the concept of traffic lights of the future: no usual three sections – they will be replaced by one large screen.

For the past hundred years, traffic has been regulated by three circles – red, yellow and green. For many years, the traffic light had this appearance due to the spherical incandescent lamps, and its image became well-established and canonical. Today, the former technical restrictions no longer exist – a modern traffic light can be anything you like.

Artemy Lebedev


We showed two concepts at once: a rectangular and a square traffic light. The rectangular display is a replacement for the classic traffic light, but with additional information and beautiful animations.

The square display can be used as a road sign if the situation on the road has changed dramatically. The traffic light will change control signals to warning signals.

This project is our vision of how the traffic light will change, taking into account LED technologies and road infrastructure in the next five years. Approbation and implementation of this development will become possible after a number of changes in GOST for road signs.

Sergey Dmitrochenko

Deputy General Director of Shvabe

It looks, of course, very interesting and unusual, but a number of questions arise: how to navigate people who do not distinguish colors well? What about foreigners who come to Russia and come across such a display for the first time? How will people react to an abrupt change in information on the display?

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