Traditional PC sales in India have skyrocketed over the past year. In the first quarter of 2021, 4.0 million desktops, laptops, tablets and workstations were sold in this country, which is 72% more in annual terms. Such data are cited by analysts of Gartner, specifying that 517 thousand desktops were sold, notebooks – 2.5 million pieces, tablets – 930 thousand pieces, and workstations – 43 thousand pieces.

The growth is largely attributable to the fact that in the first quarter of 2020, sales fell sharply due to reduced shipments due to the pandemic. Growth was recorded in almost all segments, but the sales of laptops grew especially strongly. Not only does this segment account for 49.6% of the market, but growth has reached 119.4%. The second largest tablet segment, which accounts for 26% of shipments, grew by 52.2%. The desktop segment, which accounts for 23.5% of the market, saw a 5.9% decline in sales. In the segment of workstations, equal to only 1.0% of the market, the growth for the year was 93.3%.

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