The American company Looking Glass Factory, the same company that at the end of last year presented the world’s first holographic Looking Glass Portrait display, presented new, much more advanced holographic 3D monitors Looking Glass 4K Gen2 and Looking Glass 8K Gen2.

New items are able to create large and beautiful three-dimensional pictures just like in science fiction films. As you can guess from the names, the first model displays images in 4K resolution, while the second one – 8K. Looking Glass 4K Gen2 has a diagonal screen 15.6 inchand 8K Gen2 is 32 inch… Monitors project up to hundreds of individual images at a time. Pictures are displayed at slightly different angles, which create an effect of depth and dimension.

To work with Looking Glass 4K Gen2, you need a computer with a video card no weaker than an Nvidia RTX 1060, and for Looking Glass 8K Gen2 you need a top-end RTX 3090. Prices correspond to the steepness of innovations – $ 3,000 and $ 17,500, respectively. Meanwhile, Razer has unveiled a wireless headset for PCs, consoles, tablets and smartphones.

Source: Looking Glass Factory

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