Consulting company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) conducted a market research for gaming hardware, which includes personal computers, components and peripherals used for gaming. According to analysts, there have been both successes and miscalculations in the specified market over the past year. As a result, the financial gains were not as significant as they could have been. In addition, due to supply problems, much of consumer spending went not to manufacturers but to resellers who charged prohibitively high prices for PC components.

JPR warns that the long-term growth of the gaming hardware market depends on the availability of these products to the mainstream.

Analysts explain the damage this situation is doing to the market. Mid-budget gamers weren’t always able to get what they needed, and new entrants delayed purchases or, worse, abandoned them because gaming is just a hobby. Meanwhile, new entrants are very important to the “long-term health” of any gaming platform. JPR analysts warn computer equipment manufacturers that long-term growth depends on product availability and prices that are affordable to the mainstream consumer. At the same time, they note with satisfaction that “help is on the way”. Playground equipment companies are said to be rethinking their inventory strategies. This should improve the situation with the availability of products in the retail network and increase sales. In addition, JPR notes the availability of ultra-wide and 4K + monitors “at historically low prices.” This is said to help drive demand for CPUs and GPUs, turnkey PCs, and gaming peripherals.

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