Visiting the verandas and summer terraces of cafes and restaurants without QR codes about vaccination or transferred covid in Moscow has been extended until August 1 inclusive. About it the official website says Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin.

The reason, due to which the restrictions were postponed for a couple of weeks, was the stabilization of the situation with the next wave of morbidity. The mayor of Moscow also reported about it:

In recent days, the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection is gradually stabilizing. The number of detected cases and hospitalizations is still very high, but at least it has decreased slightly compared to the peak values ​​of a week ago.

And, of course, it is very important that Muscovites have become much more responsible in regard to sanitary requirements and vaccinations. We vaccinate about 100 thousand people every day.

Sergei Sobyanin

Mayor of Moscow

This stabilization looks like this:

NumberThe number of newly diagnosed cases of Covid-19 in Moscow
July 86040 people
7 july5621 people
6 july5498 people
5’th of July6557 people
2 july6893 people
July 17597 people

Statistics taken from the site stopcoronavirus.rf, which is the official government resource informing the public about the coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that QR codes for visiting verandas and terraces will be required from June 16. But inside establishments without a code it is prohibited to be from June 25:

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