Xiaomi has officially announced the opening of over 1000 Mi Store branded stores outside of China and India.

Why is India mentioned separately? The fact is that back in September last year, the company announced the opening of the 3000th Mi Store in India alone. As for China, the company opened more than 5,000 stores in its home country in April this year.

It took Xiaomi 5 years to open 1000 stores in the global market

1000 Xiaomi stores in the global market is a great achievement for the Chinese company. It took Xiaomi five years to do this, as the first store outside of China opened in Singapore in 2016. A large number of these new stores are located in Western and Central Europe, where Xiaomi strives to attract new users and lure customers away from Huawei, which is gradually withdrawing from the smartphone market.

Xiaomi is also celebrating the opening of its 1000th store in the global marketplace with a series of promotions, both in retail stores and online. Visitors to some stores will receive branded baseball caps, T-shirts and other items with the Xiaomi logo.

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