There is more and more information about the new Nintendo console, but now the company itself has thrown wood on the fire. In the latest firmware for the current Switch model, a mention was found, firstly, of support for 4K resolution, which is just attributed to the new model, and secondly, docking stations for Swtich Pro (the name is conjectural).

More precisely, it mentions CrdA – cradle for Aula, that is, a docking station for the Aula model. It is now believed to be the codename for the new Nintendo console.

Is the new Nintendo console close?  The indications for it were found in the fresh firmware for Switch

Adding this data to the current firmware does not tell us when the console will be presented, but it does allow us to understand that rumors and leaks did not form out of nowhere.

As a reminder, Switch Pro models are credited with OLED screen and Nvidia platform on the new Lovelace architecture with GPU performance of 4-6 TFLOPS.

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