Telegram: how secure is this messenger.

Telegram is an application for communication, the creators of which assure users of a high-security level.

This is only partially true. Although end-to-end encryption is used for voice and video calls, this encryption is not enabled by default for normal chat messages. Only if you are using Secret Chat messages are encrypted end-to-end. This is only possible in private chats, not group chats.

By default, messages are encrypted between the client and the server – however, this makes the data available to the operator or potential attacker. Accordingly, compared to other messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram does not provide much security at all.

Another aspect in terms of security is the phone number. It is required for registration in Telegram. However, you can hide your number when contacting other users. Of course, this is an important advantage compared to the same WhatsApp.

How to communicate on Telegram safely.

To communicate using Telegram as safely as possible, use our tips:

  • When you chat with other users, use Secret Chat. However, please note that all messages generated there will not be stored on the server and, therefore, will only be available on one end device.
  • To avoid showing your phone number to other users, hide it. This can be done in the menu “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Phone number.”
  • Also, you can hide your online status so that you cannot be seen online.

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