IPhone owners turn out to be worse in relationships than Android smartphone users

In honour of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the guys from Compare My Mobile shared the results of an unusual study on who is better in romantic relationships – iPhone owners or Android smartphone users.

As it turned out, it is the owners of gadgets with an apple on the back that are more likely to suffer from annoying habits associated with using smartphones. And absolutely all of them! The most significant difference between iPhone and Android was found in three categories: using a smartphone while watching TV or a movie (75% versus 59%), using a smartphone while talking (67% versus 51%), photographing food before eating ( 48% versus 32%).

The smallest difference in the prevalence of bad habits was noted in the category “does not respond to the message” – 41% versus 36%. Also, analysts told which “crimes” in smartphone etiquette are most often committed by women and which men. So, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity more often use a smartphone while watching TV/movies, post excessively on social networks, take photographs of food, and numerous selfies or photographs of the same object.

Men sin by using the phone while talking with the other half, as well as at the table, do not respond to messages, and at the same time, write messages while driving much more often. And today it became known that BlackBerry is preparing a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, 5G and a flagship camera.

Source: Compare My Mobile

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