Only the lazy one didn’t joke about the grater from the Mac Pro or Pro Display XDR. By the way, the grater from the devices turned out to be so-so – bloggers checked it out.

Nevertheless, Apple went further and thought about users – the grater should be compact. The new patent hints at the use of the “leaky” case in other devices of the company.

The patent specification states that such housings will help to cope with high heat. The schematic images published by the US Patent and Trademark Office show not only an iPhone in an unusual case, but also a “bucket” Mac Pro.

Okay, with cooling, the issue will be resolved, but what about the dust? What about waterproofness? Will wireless charging work? There are many questions that are likely to remain unanswered: it is unlikely that Apple will release a smartphone in this design in the near future, and in the future too. Too complicated, expensive and useless. And patented so that other manufacturers did not decide to copy the design.

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