According to new data from authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who has repeatedly shared reliable rumors, the 2022 iPhone lineup is waiting for a major update.

The company will refuse to release a mini-version. But there will be four smartphones in the line: iPhone with a diagonal of 6.1 and 6.7 inches, as well as a Pro version with similar diagonals.

Considering that users have not appreciated the small smartphone, and sales of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, on the contrary, are growing, the “affordable” huge iPhone should break all records.

Pro versions will receive 48-megapixel cameras. The pixel size will be increased to 2.5 µm, which should significantly improve the quality of images and bring the iPhone closer to the quality of DSLR cameras.

Kuo also says that smartphones will learn how to shoot 8K video. And it’s not for nothing that Apple is improving video quality: competitors are already offering similar, but the main thing is the best resolution for AR and VR. You won’t be watching low-definition videos on your Apple Glass.

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