Apple reportedly has notified Taiwanese voice coil motor (VCM) manufacturers to increase production capacity by 30-40% to meet the company’s needs. According to the source, this year’s supply of this component, which will be key in the iPhone 13’s camera, will exceed the supply of similar components for all Android smartphones.

Earlier it was reported that the new smartphones will update the image sensor and Face ID sensors, and also use the technology of optical image stabilization with a matrix shift. The gimbal actuators, which are involved in the focusing function of the camera lens, will begin shipping this month for Apple.

iPhone 13 to beat all Android smartphones combined in key component shipments this year

The decline in demand from Android manufacturers for VCM drives is due to Huawei, which is gradually leaving the smartphone market due to US sanctions. However, this year, the iPhone 13 will see big changes, with sensor-shift optical stabilization being rolled out across the entire lineup. This will improve the clarity of low-light photos by reducing the effects of hand shake.

It is rumored that this feature will be available for wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle modules of the iPhone 13. There are also reports that the new iPhone 13 smartphones will be able to shoot video in portrait mode. In addition, the iPhone 13 will add an astrophotographic mode for capturing the night sky.

The exact dimensions and reduced bangs of the iPhone 13 Pro can be seen in the drawing published today.

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