By reports network sources, more and more users of the new iPhone 12 Pro are paying attention to the fact that in standby mode, the batteries of their smartphones drain too quickly. Moreover, this situation is observed even when the device works via Wi-Fi, and the built-in 5G modem is not used.

One of the first to raise this question on the Apple forum was the user Master26A. He announced that he started using the iPhone 12 Pro in late October and noticed that the battery drains too quickly in standby mode. According to a user post, the battery loses 4% charge per hour, although the smartphone itself is in standby mode and is not actively used.

Since then, over 1,000 new Apple smartphone owners have reported a similar issue. Users say that when the smartphone is in standby mode during the night, the battery loses 20 to 40% of its charge. Moreover, many of them tried to turn off 5G and stop the execution of background applications, but this did not greatly affect the situation.

One of the users said that he contacted Apple support, but the smartphone’s diagnostics did not reveal any problems. Based on this, he concluded that the problem of fast battery discharge might be due to a bug in iOS, and in the future, Apple will fix it with software updates.


Today, I contacted Apple support, where a diagnosis was carried out, and I was told that everything is in order. I am guessing that the battery can drain quickly due to a software problem. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon. Closing all applications, turning off Bluetooth and background software updates and eventually losing 40% of the charge overnight“, – said the user.

It’s worth noting that a similar issue affects some iPhone 12 users. This is evidenced by posts that have surfaced on the Reddit community.

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