Until April 19, MegaFon is organizing a sale at TMall: iPhone 12 mini is available for purchase with a discount of 10 thousand rubles… That is, the price will be 54,990 instead of 64,990 rubles.

Discount for the base version with 64GB of storage. Of course, this is the PCT version with an official warranty (a year from Apple and an additional year under Russian law).

To purchase a minicar with a discount, you need to enter the promo code GUDOK4000. It is not known how many smartphones are given at a discount, so if you have always thought about a compact flagship, hurry up.

Earlier it became known that the demand for the iPhone 12 mini did not meet the company’s expectations: in comparison with other smartphones of the line, it is bought inactively. So much so that in the second quarter, Apple even suspended production, shifting focus to other models. But this does not mean that the smartphone is bad – it just means that users need bigger screens.

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