In honor of the 618 annual sale, renowned Chinese online store has announced a price cut for the iPhone 12 series smartphones.

At the moment, the version of the iPhone 12, which is equipped with 128GB of flash memory, costs about $ 1,050 in China. Buyers can get a total discount of $ 220 and buy a smartphone for about $ 830.

IPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max price drop in honor of 618 sale at

The version of the iPhone 12 Pro smartphone, which is equipped with 256 GB of flash memory, has fallen in price from $ 1,445 to $ 1,318. The flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max with the same storage capacity can be purchased for $ 1,444 instead of $ 1,569.

Yesterday we reported that the Brazilian Mariana Morales Oliveira (Mariana Morales Oliveira) obtained through the court the right to obtain from Apple a charger for her iPhone 12.

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