Apple produces the most popular 5G smartphone in the world. Research agency says this Counterpoint research.

According to the agency, in just two weeks of sales in October, the iPhone 12 occupied 16% of all smartphones sold this month. The older model iPhone 12 Pro took another 8% of the market in October:

Source: Counterpoint Research

Moreover, in just these two weeks of sales, the iPhone 12 was able to get into the top 10 of the most popular 5G smartphones around the world from January to October 2020! The smartphone was in seventh place on this list.

Counterpoint Research believes that the popularity of the iPhone 12/12 Pro is due to several factors:

  • The deferred demand for 5G devices with iOS – buyers have been waiting for iPhones operating in the fifth generation networks for a very long time, and now they finally waited;
  • A compelling marketing campaign;
  • Greater reach – these iPhones were available in more than 140 countries in October.

The fruits of the first two factors are especially noticeable in the United States, which accounted for a third of all iPhone 12/12 Pro sales.

Counterpoint Research experts emphasize that in October, sales of smartphones with mmWave support received a significant boost – 5G frequency spectrum in the 24-29.5 GHz range. Sales of such phones grew by 12% in October against 5% in September. Here it is worth considering that the iPhones, which are officially sold only in the USA, received support for mmWave.

The agency believes that strong demand for the iPhone 12 will not decline throughout the quarter – the Christmas / New Year holidays are making themselves felt. At the same time, data on the sale of the entire line of new iPhones included four models: mini, regular iPhone 12, 12 Pro and Max, are of particular interest. Counterpoint Research has not yet said anything about sales of the smallest and largest version.

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