Counterpoint Technology Market Research reports that ranking the world’s most popular fifth-generation (5G), cellular smartphones has undergone a dramatic change. The reason is the announcement of Apple devices of the iPhone 12 family.



In September, the top-selling 5G smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with a 5.0% share. In second place was Huawei P40 Pro with 4.5%, in third – Huawei Nova 7 with 4.3%

At the end of October, the iPhone 12 took the lead, capturing 16% of the global market at once. And this even though the smartphone was available on sale for only two weeks in October.

In second place was the iPhone 12 Pro with a share of 8%. Thus, the two named smartphones in October of the outgoing year occupied almost a quarter of the global 5G industry.

“Bronze” went to Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which received a share of 4%. All other models of smartphones with 5G support failed to show a result higher than 3%.

By the end of November and December, the iPhone 12 smartphones will most likely remain the leaders in the best-selling 5G devices list. And at the beginning of next year, changes may occur: on January 14, the presentation of the flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected – all of them will receive support for 5G.






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