According to Canadian sources, the iPhone 11 Pro smartphone stayed at the bottom of the frozen lake for a whole month, while remaining in full working order.

Angie Carrier, 50, went fishing on Lake Vasquezu in Saskatchewan, Canada to celebrate her anniversary. At some point, through negligence, she dropped her smartphone directly into the water.

At first, the woman did not even think about the possibility of getting a smartphone, but she returned to the same place after 30 days. During two hours of searching with the help of a magnet, she managed to get a smartphone from the bottom of the lake.

IPhone 11 Pro Water Resistant Proven

To her surprise, the iPhone 11 Pro was fully functional. For Angie Carrier, the most important thing was that all the photos were saved on the phone.

The iPhone 11 Pro is IP68 rated, but in practice, the smartphone can often withstand prolonged dives to a depth of several meters. At the same time, Apple, like other manufacturers, does not provide warranty repairs if traces of moisture are found inside.

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