Analysts of the MTS operator shared interesting statistics on smartphone sales in Russia. As it turned out, in the first half of the year, sales of expensive models with a large memory capacity increased in Russia.

iPhone 11 became the best-selling smartphones in Russia, and Redmi occupies 4 positions in the Top 10

Smartphone sales from January to June of this year amounted to a record 303 billion rubles, which is 35% more than last year’s results for the same period. A total of 12.8 million smartphones were sold in Russia. In physical terms, the Russian market shrank by 5.4%. Analysts partially attribute this to a decrease in demand for Huawei and Honor devices due to the restriction of access to Google services. The popularity of premium models is on the rise. The segment of smartphones up to 20 thousand rubles in absolute terms fell by 26%, while the number of devices sold with a price of 50 thousand rubles or more doubled. Apple has made the greatest contribution to the popularity of expensive gadgets. The 128GB iPhone 11 became the top-selling device in January-June 2021. The best-selling model in the 12 series was the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with 32% of the time it was chosen. The least common purchaser was the iPhone 12 mini – the compact gadget took 11.5% of all purchased iPhone 12 in various modifications.

The most noticeable trend in the first half of 2021 is the increase in the amount of internal memory. In January-June 2020, smartphones with 32 GB storage were the most popular. In the first half of 2021, demand shifted in favor of gadgets from 64 and 128 GB – they occupied 32% and 30% of the market, respectively. A quarter of the market is occupied by devices with 32 GB, devices with 16 GB are chosen in 5% of cases, and with 256 GB and larger memory sizes – in 5%.

The first place in the Russian market in terms of the number of gadgets sold in the first half of 2021 is occupied by Samsung with a share of 33.2%. In second place is Xiaomi with 23.2%, in third – Apple with 15.3%. They are followed by Honor at 6.5% and Realme at 3.5%. The best dynamics of sales growth in absolute terms among popular brands was shown by Apple – 46% and Samsung – 37%. In monetary terms, smartphones Apple are in the lead – 44%, Samsung – 30%, Xiaomi – 12.8%, Honor – 3.5% and Realme – 1.8%.

Top 10 best-selling smartphones in Russia in the first half of 2021:

  1. iPhone 11 128GB
  2. Redmi 9A
  3. Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB
  4. Samsung Galaxy A12 64GB
  5. Apple iPhone 11 64GB
  6. Redmi 9C
  7. Samsung Galaxy A02
  8. Samsung Galaxy A01 Core
  9. Redmi 9 64GB
  10. Redmi 9 32GB

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