Apple will release a new iPad Pro next year. It will receive wireless MagSafe charging and a glass back panel. Reported by Mark Gurman and Debbie Wu of Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the issue.

Not much is known about this tablet yet. Most likely, he will have Thunderbolt, which was implemented in the iPad Pro presented in April. This is because wireless charging will charge your tablet much more slowly.

In addition, the new tablet will receive reversible wireless charging. However, the devices that the iPad Pro will be able to charge are not named. In theory, this could only be the iPhone and AirPods 2 / Pro. But Apple Watch is unlikely to be able to charge – the watch has a very small induction coil.

By the way, you can now charge your iPhone or other smartphone from the iPad Pro, but only with a wire.

Source: Apple

Bloomberg authors also mentioned the most affordable iPad. According to them, Apple is going to make the tablet thinner than the current model. It will be released “at the end of the year.” At the same time, the release of the new iPad mini in the iPad Air design is expected:

Bloomberg does not report the exact timing of the release of the new iPad Pro and other details about the tablet. The authors emphasize that the release is still far away, so Apple’s plans may change and the company will abandon those or other innovations that are described in this text.

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